Lab 1: Getting Started

For the first lab of OSD600 , I dived into uncountable repositories on Github to find something suitable and interesting to work on. I stumbled upon a repository called menpo , a repository that deals with annotated data using their package written in Python.

In detail

Menpo , which is a part of Menpo Project , is a python package that deals with graphical data. This package focuses on effortless manipulation of annotated data like importing or visualizing image data and mesh data. . In Menpo, landmarks are coupled with the objects being referred. Landmarks can be applied to all core type and landmarks are can be easily visualized. Since landmarks are basis of Menpo, it makes manipulation taks like resizing,cropping or masking withing the landmarks easy . This package is meant to be used in Computer Vision when object identification and landmark localization is needed.

Installation of other packages is required along with the menpo package itself to get additional functionality :

  • For 3D viewing methods to be available you have to install menpo3d 
  • menpo.feature.dsift only available if cyvlfeat is installed
  • Widgets are supported using menpowidgets package.

This package’s ability to easily manipulate collected graphical data and couple landmarks with images and mesh data can provide aid in creating powerful models in areas involving localisation.

A Detailed Documentation and usage examples of the package can be found at :

Github Repository Link :

My Fork Of The Repository On Github :

New to python

Being relatively new to Python, I am trying to use the huge community of Python developers to learn Python and use it for machine learning. Getting involved with Python based open source projects can help me to explore various packages to ease some o f my work while implementing applications using Python. At the same time understanding and fixing bugs in python project repositories on github can aid in understanding different styles of writing code in python and also get more practice in writing code.

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