LAB 8: Stepping Up

This week the focus turns away from hacktoberfest and good-first-issue to Release 0.3.

What is release 0.3 about?

For release 0.3 , I have to do two pull request for an internal project and an external project. The issues fixed in this release should be bigger and a bit complex than previous ones

The PR done for internal project has to be merged successfully while the PR done for external project need not to be merged.

What Is this “Internal Project” ?

The internal project is a project named Telescope which is a project idea by our professor and Seneca CDOT. The project aims at revamping the seneca cdot planet. The planet is a wall of all the posts that it can grab from the feed URLs submitted. It was created a long time ago and currently keeps on crashing and lacks many features. These crashes need to be fixed, code needs to be updated/rewritten, new features need to be added and new technologies need to be used. This is where me and my peers part begins. We will all take on some issues , make a pull request for it and get it merged. This will eventually lead on to create the first version of revamped Seneca CDOT Planet. You can read about the project in detail here.

What is my slice of the Telescope project ?

For the release 0.3 , I wanted to add the feature of blog text analysis. Text analysis involved determining several things like text length, reading time and sentiment of a blog post.

I wanted to work on analyzing the sentiment of a blog text, so to get started with it I created an issue on the repository. You can view the issue here

After that, I went on googling away some node packages that can provide some functionality that I could use to resolve the issue and not have to reinvent the wheel if something already exists.


I found a node package called Sentiment . It was exactly I was looking for and on top of that it supports multiple languages. I wanted to test this package so I wrote a simple javascript program (with some additions to the code to make it ready to be integrated in the project). I tested it with my blogs and it works somewhat but I need to do some more testing and read more of the package documentation , to ensure this package is good enough to fix and do the PR for the issue. Other thing that remains to find a solution is for how to strip of a blog text of various html tags that is coming from a parsed feed.For now the testing file looks like this:

Usage Example
Sample output

The External Project

For the external project, I would be working on a project that uses Kotlin . I have seen what Kotlin can do and have been a fan of it since it became mainstream in 2016 but I haven’t used it extensively. This project , is an android application and has several issues. This could be my first intensive exposure to Kotlin. I still have not decided what issue to work with but I am now familiar with how the project is structured and functions.

Stay tuned for more.

Happy Coding.


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