Lab 9: Release 0.3: Working Up

For this week, I continue building on from what I discussed in the last post for Release 0.3

Internal Project ( Telescope )

To get to know what I mean by the ‘internal project’ please read my last post

I made a function that will fix the issue I filed in the Telescope project and made it look nice before I did a PR for it. I checked if the code works or not and then made a PR for it. The code looked like this:

You can see all the changed files by clicking the PR link.

Since it is an internal project ran by our professor and my peers each pull request needs to be reviewed by at least 2 people.

So I requested 2 people to review it.

Reviews Are In

I got reviews back from both people and they provided some good feedback and new ways of writing code.

I did some more commits with suggested changes made and hopefully will do a final re-base and changes to code over the weekend to get it merged into the main repository

External Project

The external project named Tachiyomi, is a project built using Kotlin. You can read more about by visiting the repository or by reading by previous blog post. I chose a complex issue to work on 3 days ago and have been grinding and googling hard to make a fix happen. The issue I am working on is a rating feature for the application. You can read about the issue here.

Things have been going a bit slow for the external project. You can look at the progress by viewing my fork of the repository.

Happy Coding


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