Release 0.4: Almost There

One more week to go for Release 0.4 and I am well under way to get it done this weekend. Before reading ahead, you should read my previous post to get to know what is happened in this post.


I have been working and asking for help for the issue I took up last week. You can see the full conversation about the issue I was having on github. The issue was related to the data taking time to process and Javascript being a single threaded language skips over it and results in data being undefined. This was causing errors and missing data in the Post object. You can have a look in these code screenshots:

My professor replied to my comment and gave me options to go around this problem. I have been doing that and hopefully will have a PR up by this weekend.

External PR

Things went bad and then good for an external PR. The repository , I was planning to work on was difficult to work with and setup so I stopped working on it and turned my head towards mozilaa-mobile Fenix project, a browser for android written in Kotlin. I chose the issue and started working on it until I realized this application takes a lot of time and resources to compile and it hampered my speed of writing and debugging code. I had to skip this repository and went back to the repository I worked with last time. I found the issue to work and got onto it.

The issue was a feature to be able to mark items in a list as favorite and sort the list by it. I have been enjoying working in Kotlin and this was another issue that can get me more comfortable with it. Hopefully will have a PR up for it by next week and will finish Release 0.4.

Happy Coding !


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