Release 0.4: The End

Finally, I have made it to the final day of Release 0.4 and I am glad to say that I have successfully manages to fulfill the release 0.4 requirements with  4 days to spare. Let’s look wt the progress I made since my last post. 

Please read my last post to know what is happening in this post.


Telescope project has been going well and finally our professor showed us a somewhat working project (after doing some fixes to code in files). It was buggy when it rand and lot of things need to be changed but it was working and I felt happy from inside because it was something I had contributed to. Talking about my contributions I did 2 issue fixes for the Release 0.4 in the Telescope project. Those 2 issues were:

You might be asking how it went from 1 issue to two since the last post ?

Let me explain.

My all Pull requests had an issue with it as it showed a “chain” of wrong commits even after I was rebasing correctly. I discussed with my professor and we tried to fix it for over 2 hours but couldn’t. The same problem occurred in my second PR. With no solution, my Professor took my code for both PRs and did a separate PR for each issue I fixed. He closed my PR and continued it in the following PRs :

I thought my PR for issue 1 won’t count because of this but this week my professor said it will count for submission.
Both PRs did got merge and my professor said it will count for my submission.

Issue 1 was a patch us of a file which was not being used anywhere at that time but was producing errors when the project ran locally. Apparently, the file had been deleted and then added again but has lost the update code. I did the patch fix to it so that at least for now it doesn’t error out.

 On the files issue the original creator of the file did commented with the original code. So someone now can take it and update the file in the future.

The second issue was about adding a class named Post so we can store incoming data about blog posts in it. This was tricky as I needed to read about async and await to fix data being returned as “promise <pending> . I managed to get it resolved and did a PR which got merged as another PR by my professor.

External Project

After lines and lines of code in Kotlin, I managed to fix the issue in the Tachiyomi project. It was hard as I don’t know much of Kotlin but I was familiar with this repository so knew my way around. You can view the PR here. I just committed two working files into the commit which the maintainer did pointed out in the PR comment. I will fix that and will hopefully get this PR merged. But this PR was alos plagues with the same issue I tried to fix the mess and got it together somewhat but still looks a bit ‘dirty’ but the code does fix the issue. After working on this I am somewhat comfortable in Kotlin and will try to take on more work involving Kotlin. 

The course is over with this. As holidays are near I will take a break from open source world but will be back next month with something different. Until Then: 

Happy Coding!


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